The Bayfield Agricultural Society, for its 161st fair, is working hard to line up all the activities that create a great weekend for residents of Bayfield, its visitors, and of course the surrounding community.  New entertainment activities keep the fair an event worth coming back to each year.  This year there will be a midway; however, having one is a task that becomes harder every year.  There are fewer operators in the industry and several have reduced the number of rides they carry.  Do enjoy this form of entertainment when it is in your backyard since it may not be there in the next few years.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th there will be a fireworks display again this year.  This year we cannot guarantee there will be nature’s fireworks and the human created fireworks synchronized to happen at the same time.  In fact we hope that only happens once.  There will be two entertainers appearing around Bayfield on August 19 –Joey The Acrobat Guy and Trulee Odd.  Both live for entertaining and are coming to Bayfield because of a joint effort of the Bayfield Ag Society and Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber will be taking both entertainers around Bayfield to perform in several different locations and they will be performing at the fair by the tent.

There will be pigs at the fair this year.  Check out their names and the people who created their names.  They will easier to see after 2:30 on the Saturday of the fair.  The Friesian horses this year will actually have a competition with an obstacle course as one of the categories.  See the many demonstrations of past activities in the arena.

There is always a need for monetary support for various parts of the fair as well as volunteer assistance.  If you were wishing to provide monetary support or offer to volunteer, contact the Society through

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