By Mail:
Bayfield Agricultural Society
1 Fry St, PO Box 236
Bayfield, Ontario
N0M 1G0

By E-mail:


President Lorraine Shields email 519-653-7039
1st Vice-President Pamela Stanley email 519-482-9914
2nd Vice-President Vicky Culbert email 226-421-2295
Homecraft President Jean Dunn email 519-565-5316
Past President Jentje Steenbeek email 519-440-6639
Treasurer Jim Erwin email 519-565-2328
Recording Secretary & Correspondence Renee Hill email 416-948-6381
Director Gayle Beuermann email 519-525-6498
Director Don Brodie email 519-263-2404
Director Ted Dunn email 519-565-5316
Director Courtney Lang email 519-617-8897
Director Doreen MacKenzie   519-482-3336
Director Doug Yeo email 519-482-9296
Fair Administrator  Karen Greaves email 519-565-5999

Henry Baker
Don Brode
Jean Dunn
Ted Dunn
Jim Erwin
Ina Fisher
Hilda Gerger
Corrie Koene
Doreen MacKenzie
Carol Penhale
Kathleen Siertsema
Afra Van Wonderen
Ted Vander Wouden



Animal Display Claudia Wagterveld   519-955-3083
Art/Photography Dianne Snell    
Children’s Games (Mini-Tractor Pull) Jason Wallis email 519-482-5881
Church Service Don Brodie email 519-263-2404
Concessions Ted Dunn
Joyce McIlwain
email 519-565-5316
Culinary Arts      
Discovery Tent Vicky Culbert    
Equipment Coordinator Ian Siertsema email 519-565-2396
Fair Book Doug Yeo email 519-482-9296
Field Crops Patrick Steckle   519-525-2233
Flowers/Plants Doreen MacKenzie   519-482-3336
Friends of the Fair Steve Willis email 519-565-5999
Fruits/Vegetables Doug Yeo email 519-482-9296
Gate Jilliane Reinseth    
Grounds Doug Wallis   519-482-9855
Handcrafts Bev VanNinhuys
Pamela Stanley
Horses, Arabian Adrian Brand    
Horses, Friesian Klaas Steenbeek   519-955-4282
Horses, Heavy Ray Martin   226-885-0298
Horses, Miniature Liz Elliot   519-233-3432
Jamboree Marj Love   226-423-2048
Lunch (Friday) Hilda Gerger email 519-565-2817
Membership Renee Hill    
Midway Jentje Steenbeek email 519-440-6639
Music Festival Jentje Steenbeek email 519-440-6639
Outdoor/Flea Market Jim Erwin email 519-482-9296
Parade Bayfield Arena Community Partners Association (     
Publicity/Marketing Courtney Lang email 519-617-8897
Refreshment Booth      
Pork Meal Jentje Steenbeek email  519-440-6639
Sheep Steve Willis email 519-565-5999
Website Jentje Steenbeek
Ian Siertsema
Woodworking David Loerchner email 519-441-0831
Wreaths Don Brodie email 519-263-2404
Youth Class Gayle Beuermann    
Youth Talent Search (Rise2Fame) Charles Kalbfleisch   519-565-2244