Rise 2 Fame

If you sing, dance, play an instrument or perform in other ways, and are between the ages of 6 and 21 then the Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search is looking for you.

The ONLY Huron County preliminary competition to the Western Fair Talent Search takes place on Friday August 18 at the Bayfield Community Fair, upstairs in the Bayfield Community Centre.  Junior competitions begin first at 7:00 pm with Youth competitions to follow.

Check-in is at 6:00 pm.  This ensures that all registration documents are complete and that music can be lined up for the show.    Be sure to read the rules very carefully online by visiting the website at http://www.westernfairdistrict.com/western-fair/rise-2-fame Registration must be completed online on the Western Fair site before August 7.  There is also another option for an online video submission on the same site.

Winners go on to perform at the Western Fair – a 35 year tradition which has touched the lives of thousands of talented youngsters from across the province. The Western Fair Rise2Fame Youth Talent Search, along with the preliminaries, has been the start to many careers in the arts and continues to encourage young people to pursue their talents, by giving them a chance to perform in front of a live audience.

Remember, Bayfield’s preliminary contest is the only one in Huron County and one of the last before this year’s Western Fair.  Categories of competition are (1) Vocal Solo; (2) Instrumental Solo; (3) Dance Solo; (4) Dance Group; (5) Vocal and/or Instrumental Group including bands; (6) Variety Solo and (7) Variety Group. Individuals can compete more than once in different categories.

Winners of the Bayfield preliminary Rise2Fame contest will perform again at the Western Fair on the Anne Eadie Stage during the first two weeks of September.  At the Western Fair competition there are big cash prizes and trophies for final winners. The top prize includes a trophy and $1,500 in cash!  2015’s Junior Winner at the Western Fair was a Huron County dancer- and that was not the first time that Huron County kids have made it to the finals!

But you can’t win if you don’t enter the preliminary in Bayfield. And Rise2Fame contestants, along with one adult get free admission to the fair. So get registered, bring your dancing shoes, instrument or vocals and come showcase your talent at the Fair!!!!

Entries for all preliminaries can be made on-line at http://www.westernfairdistrict.com/western-fair/rise-2-fame

Contact Charles Kalbfleisch at 519-565-2244 or Willi Laurie wlaurie@tcc.on.ca  519-482-9265 for more information.


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