The Ag Society is still looking for someone interested in becoming its secretary. The job would include taking the minutes for meetings, forwarding email messages to Directors, and handling the entries coming for the fair and calculating the amount of money each exhibitor would get. All of the work with entering the exhibitors’ entries and the judges’ sheets are all completed using a computer program. The book is already on the program ready for fair day. If this position sounds interesting, contact Don Brodie at 519-263-2404. The current secretary is quite willing to help anyone interested.

Some of the new entertainment this year will include possibly a demonstration on knife throwing. There is a growing interest in the skill and several area people meet regularly to perfect their abilities. Finding the absolute safest location to showcase this art will be worked on over the next few months. A pony ride with real ponies will be available to the young folk on the Sunday of the fair.

The Bayfield flea market and produce market plan on setting up this season on May 11. Several new vendors have expressed interest in taking part in the market. Jack, the manager, has always ensured that only local vendors participate. If anyone is interested in being part of the market, contact Jack at 519-482-7921.

The Ag Society members who looked after the table at the Collectors’ Displays put on by the Historical Society met many folks who reminisced over their attendance of past fairs. Many remembered when the fair was in the middle of the week in September so students could get the day off school. It was amazing how many cow creamers were fenced in for the display “The Cows are at the Gate in Our 1-5-8.” Hopefully visitors’ interest was aroused with a peak preview of what the fair will look like this year.

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