Farms, Food & Family

This year the Bayfield Agricultural Society will be hosting its 168th agricultural fair.  The tradition of having entertainment, competition, and demonstrations will continue as the heart of the weekend of August 16-18.  Area farms will be encouraged to bring their 4-H members to compete on the Saturday of the fair as well as exhibit farm products in the arena.  Food will be shown for competition as well as available for sale throughout the weekend.  Family events are organized for all ages whether it is the fireworks display, parade, music, animal shows or the variety of entertainment opportunities.

The Park has new fencing built along Victoria Street and John Avenue during the last two years.  The last stretch to replace is East of the baseball field.  If any animals get loose during the fair, the fencing should keep them on the grounds and off the streets. 

The Society has great news about co-hosting the RCMP Musical Ride with REACH Huron on Labour Day weekend.  We do hope you will be able to join us in seeing this iconic precision riding in our area.

It is with genuine gratitude that the Board and I thank all the volunteers who assist us in so many ways during the fair, through various activities and with co-hosting the Musical Ride.  Our volunteers make things run smoothly and put smiles on our visitors’ faces.  We also appreciate all our financial supporters who ensure we can put on a wonderful, fun-filled weekend.  We thank you all.

Join us at the fair and at the RCMP Musical Ride.

Doug Yeo, President


Welcome to the 168th Bayfield Agricultural Society’s annual community fair! Celebrate with us the essentials of our theme, “Farms, Food & Family”, as the variety of exhibits, events and entertainment show off the basis of life in our rural county.

In these times of austerity, it is important to remember what we have around us that makes us happy. Fair time is an opportunity to participate in the competitions, both indoors and outdoors; share the joy of family and friends; and learn more about the farms that provide the basic necessity of life – the food on our plates. Something for all ages to see for the first time or, for the fiftieth time, a reminder of the excitement.

Hope to see you there!!

Pamela Stanley, Homecraft President