Those who regularly exhibit at the Bayfield Fair are already checking the prize book to see what they can enter this year.  With less than a month to go almost all the prize books have been picked up.  The books left at Nip and Tuck disappear as soon as new stock is dropped off.

New exhibitors are encouraged to find a book or go on line and look at the copy there.  The library would help you find it if technology is just not your interest.  Anyone with a garden is being welcomed with open arms to bring in vegetables, fruit, and flowers.  With this drought there likely should have been a SMALLEST vegetable section not the biggest.  The convenors that are listed in the book are all willing to assist any exhibitor if there is uncertainty in how to exhibit the produce.  WARNING: Exhibiting tends to be addictive.  You meet some great people whose real love is just growing things and sharing that with others.

It is also a great time to get the photographs you need to fit into the categories listed.  Picture taking is encouraged during the fair and any pictures which fit the categories identified in the OAAS Photo Contest need to be submitted before September 1 for judging.  The winners there go to a provincial competition and Bayfield has sent entries and come back with winners for the last two years.

There are many categories for youth. It becomes a great activity for them to work on when life seems a little boring.  It’s an added bonus when they get to take home some money when they pick up their items on the Sunday of the fair.  Winners of the poster and chocolate chip competitions have further competitions at the District and if they win there at the provincial competition.  The winning posters are also used on the cover of the next year’s prize book with names attached.

The fair also has competition in culinary arts, field crops, handcrafts, art, and woodworking.  There are lots of opportunities for someone to show their particular talents and skills.  If there is a class of something that is missing, bring it to the fair just to exhibit and that will encourage it being added the following year.

The Bayfield Fair indoor exhibits are truly great thanks to the number of people who make a commitment to bringing at least one item to show.  The cost to enter is $10 which includes a free pass for the whole weekend except for the jamboree and Saturday night music.  Check to see what you have to exhibit and bring it on the Thursday night August 16 or Friday morning August 17 before the fair opens.  For further information or if you would like to volunteer in some capacity email or contact Jean Dunn 519 565 5316.

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