The air will soon be filled with the aromas of cedar and spruce as a group of people gather to make wreaths for the Bayfield Agricultural Society fundraiser. Anyone who would like to help with this project will be most welcome on Wednesday November 6 at 9 a.m. or at any time during the day. Anyone interested should bring pruners and appropriate clothing for doing this on our cool November days. You will be inside and it would be a great opportunity to bring a friend or new neighbour to introduce them to a hardworking group.
At noon there will be a potluck lunch and hot drinks will be available at the breaks taken throughout the day. The wreaths will be created at Don and Joan Brodie’s on 75131 Airport Line just South of Mill Road, 519 263 2404. Anyone new to wreath making will be quite well trained and learn to appreciate the scent of all the evergreen boughs used.

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