The days are quickly going by as the time for the Bayfield Community Fair approaches.  Posters and signs are up announcing this year’s version of the fair.  The 165th fair in the Bayfield community will not be the full experience that people are accustomed to but with visitor safety always in mind a hybrid fair will emerge.

A community meal is always a favourite of many people.  A quarter barbecued chicken meal will be available on the opening night -August 20.  Advance tickets are essential and can be ordered through  The deadline is August 5.  It can be a takeout or eaten on the fairgrounds with the meal being served from 5 – 7 p.m..  Choose a picnic table or bring a lawn chair to listen to the live music by Adam Lang.  The opening with Senator Rob Black and our local politicians will take place at 7 and an extended fireworks display will start at 9.  Lawn chairs could be used for watching the fireworks or with distancing maintained people can use the bleachers.

One feature of every fair is the competition.  This year most of the competition will be virtual.  Go to the fair website and click on the link to your virtual entering zone.  All you need is a photo image of your entry that you can send.  If you want to send your entries over a few days and not all at one time, that is easy to do.  If you have any questions about the process, ask any Director.  If you lack the availability of a computer, contact for assistance or use computers at the library.  Some new exhibitors have already submitted entries as well as regular exhibitors.  This must be completed by August 13 so the judging can be completed online.  If you are a giant vegetable grower, those classes are due in the morning of August 20.

Volunteers to assist with set up and take down will be most welcome.  Also volunteers will be needed to assist with ensuring our visitors have a safe experience at the fair.  Contact Pamela Stanley to volunteer.

A positive achievement for fairs is when the community participates in its activities.  Do consider meeting your neighbours and friends at the community meal and also entering one class in the competitions.  What a great conversation at the kitchen table to announce you won first prize in a class you have been entering for some time!  Celebrate responsibly the opportunity to finally attend a community event.