Our wreath making is a fundraising activity that the Ag Society does to help with the expenses of the next year. The grapevine bases have been made and everything is ready for the greens to be cut.

10″ – 12″ boughs of cedar are needed in great quantities. Don is having a sale at his property this coming week and so he is unavailable to cut greens. If you have any cedar on your property or on property that you have permission to cut from, please cut as much as you are able putting them in large tubs. The wreaths take vast quantities of cedar. Smaller quantities of spruce, white pine and juniper are also needed.

Next week is deer hunting season so it is wise to only go into areas where there are no hunters.

If someone is willing to coordinate a greens cutting venture, contact Don at 519 236 2404 and we will send another message out with the day, time and location. If you need a bucket or two to put greens in, contact Don and he will give you some of his. If you’ve never done this before and would like to assist, let him know.

Don and his Greens Team (519 236 2404, dbrodie@tcc.on.ca)

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