image[1]Now with summer being official all the outdoor activities seem endless. The Bayfield Community Fair is just 6 weeks away. The main feature for the Friday night, August 15, is the Bayfield Ribs & Music Fest. The Docks and Bon Vivant (Devin Tabor) will be offering sizzling barbecued ribs from 5 to 9 pm. A full rack will sell for $20, a half rack will cost $15, and a sample of the ribs will be $2. Local corn, coleslaw, roll, and a soft drink will fill out the menu.

A ribs cook-off will be a competition among the local restaurants. Many have indicated they want to take part again for bragging rights of creating the best ribs in Bayfield.

Music will fill the air starting at 7 pm and continue until 1 am. Canadian talent will be featured in the tent area behind the arena. The lineup includes Sal’s Alley, Marcellus Wallace, Rusty, The Beauties, and Cuff the Duke will round out the evening. Tickets are $30 for the licensed event. They are available locally and online.

In addition to the Ribs & Music Fest, the opening will take place and the arena will open for everyone to see the exhibits and all the concessions. The midway will also be open for all to enjoy so Friday August 15 will be a busy time in Agricultural Park.

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