Highlights from the perspective of the Bayfield Agricultural Society Past President

  1. seeing so many volunteers at every stage of the fair happily working at their task
  2. having the fair opened by the Ontario Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, and comments provided by the Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Ernie Hardeman.
  3. observing a fireworks presentation through the rain
  4. allowing Miss T, who performed the bubbleology show, to be in her first parade on the back of a truck driven by our President Jentje Steenbeek
  5. wandering through the 4-H area and easily getting pictures of members cuddling up with their lamb
  6. sitting in the dunk tank and a young woman walked by, provided enough money for one pitch, and she hit the target perfectly
  7. watching the smiles on faces as children of the dad in the dunk tank got a free fall into the water
  8. being stopped and asked if I was who I was and if I was willing to be interviewed.  Once agreeing I was asked a few background questions and then the interviewer stated she had been wanting to meet me for some time and this year was able to say she beat me in two classes in the vegetable section.  It is so great to meet the other exhibitors and realize there is serious competition at the fair
  9. not long after being stopped by an American fairgoer who wanted to make a donation for the new Animal Display Building and have his name engraved on a brick on the donor wall.  He wants to encourage the upgrading of the infrastructure on the fair grounds
  10. seeing the appreciation for the music that was provided on Friday night and Saturday night
  11. in the demonstration in the show ring watching the close link between a dog and a shepherd when herding sheep
  12. enjoying the explosion of watermelons when they can no long handle the stress of elastic bands


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