The Animal Display Building is definitely taking shape. The pad is now poured and is curing. They were able to get the pad completed in the one day of good weather last week. It is rewarding to see the building becoming a reality.

The funding support from the extended Bayfield community has been impressive. The average personal donation has been over $1000 which is incredible and speaks to the dedication that many have for the Bayfield Agricultural Society.

There is still an appeal for anyone who wishes to support this project to contact Doug Yeo ( or 519 482 9296) and make a donation. Donations from $500-1999 will have their names engraved on a 6×6” or 4×8” brick, donors of $2000-4999 will put their names on an 8×8” brick, and donors giving $5000-9999 will be recognized with engraving names on a 12×12” brick. Any donation from $100-499 will be included on a plaque. Those who wish to have a brick engraved will need to phone before this Friday. Any donation will be recognized on the plaque but because of when the bricks will be laid the inscriptions need to be decided quickly.

A couple of donations are in memory of family members but most are from individuals and families named.

This building will continue the tradition of inviting the public to see farm animals and learn about them. Fairgoers will be encouraged to touch them also. If you were thinking of being part of this project, you are welcome to participate and support it with a donation.

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