Change seems to a consistent in our lives and is a frequent visitor to the Bayfield Fair. The Ribs Fest will have two people still looking after tantalizing the taste buds of those loving the taste of ribs. Devin Tabor or Bon Vivant will be joined by Brian Garnet of Let the Flames Begin. The pair will be prepared to satisfy everyone’s hunger pangs on Friday August 15.

Judges are all in place to crown one restaurant with the honours of preparing the best ribs in Bayfield. The judging will be in the arena this year just inside the doors. Everyone gets a chance to see the four judges eating a portion of each entry and awarding points on taste, presentation, and tenderness.

The opening this year will take place in the arena with the smell of ribs wafting through the open doors and to the sounds of music from the Music Fest. Visitors will watch the event take place after having seen several cows as they walked through the main gates “The Cows are at the Gate in Our 1-5-8.” If anyone has an inanimate cow that they would like to lend, please call 519-482-9296 to make arrangements.

Liz Elliott is bringing a pony on the Sunday of the fair for the younger folks to paint. The pony loves the attention and does not mind bright bold colours. One can only imagine what it will look like by the end of the afternoon.

The three day fair should have lots of entertainment for everyone. Friday will feature the Ribs and Music Fest. Saturday is a full day of competition of all sorts. Sunday is Family Day where everyone can relax a little. Set aside August 15-17 to make the Fair a family tradition.

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