Several of the Bayfield Agricultural Society’s Directors met on the fairgrounds to finalize the planning for the 2020 fair.  No one could have predicted that our group would be learning how to videotape, have timelines way before the fair dates, and rethink what is possible in a completely different environment.  Some of the standard activities at the fair are just not possible or there were not enough volunteers to fully carry them out.

The good news is that the homecraft and agricultural elements will be well represented.  There will be some great demonstrations, interviews with area experts and discussions with judges who will describe what they look for when evaluating exhibits.  There will be entertainment –currently we are not sure if it will be live streamed or taped.  Food is always part of a fair and a drive by food service will be available for presold ticket holders; there also will be a demonstration to make one of the foods that is a class in the prize book.

The Bayfield Fair is a community fair and so we have several ways in which the community can be involved before fair weekend –August 14-16.  The first way is to make Blossoms, Butterflies and Bees since that is our theme this year.  People of ALL ages are asked to make one or more of the theme items and we will be displaying them in the fairgrounds.  Large craft items are certainly welcome and you have several weeks to create them on these hot humid days.  They will be outside when displayed so that might be one consideration when planning them.  They can be dropped off at the fairgrounds near our new building on Saturday August 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We hope to have a fence full of items so that those who drive by picking up their food can drive along the fence and see all the creativity in Bayfield.  Those who made them can pick them up on Sunday August 16 from 3 – 4 p.m.

The second way to get involved is to pick up a fair prize book at the Bayfield Convenience Store.  Note we are not using them this year; however, we would like you to submit a picture of yourself or family members looking at the book at any local site.  We will be sharing some of your submitted pictures during the fair weekend and displaying all the others on our social media sites.  Each picture requires the names of who are in the picture and permission to use on our sites the picture if there are any children in it.  Let’s see how creative you are ensuring the 2020 prize book is visible.  (There is one more competition using the book which will be announced shortly.)

The third way to be involved is for our youth to prepare a poster for our 2021 fair.  The theme “Harvesting Memories, Planting the Future”, the date “August 20-22” and the fair name “Bayfield Community Fair” or “Bayfield Fair” must be on the poster.  The winning posters will be used on the 2021 prize book with recognition of the top posters.  You should add the age of the person submitting the poster so we can pick a top poster from different age groups.  Your poster will be on 450 copies and likely in colour as well.

Entertainment is always showcased at the fair and is the fourth way to be involved.  Entertainers of all ages are invited to submit a 2-4 minute tape of your individual or group talent.  This is the chance to share your magical, musical, acrobatic or other talent.  Several will be randomly chosen to be seen during the fair weekend and the others will be shared through our social media sites.

Finally volunteers are still needed for video editing, some video taking and if there is an event you would like to ensure takes place, do let us know.

All contacts and submissions should go currently to or call 519 482 9296.  Keep watching for further ways to be involved and our competitions posted on our website.  Truly make this one of the most memorable fairs even though we cannot see one another which is the norm at a conventional fair.  The Bayfield Fair will still have a presence in Bayfield during August.

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